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Raid - Discovery Difficulty

Posted on 27 July 19 at 20:37, Edited on 27 July 19 at 20:38 by Kanchanaburi
For those who don't know, the devs made a new difficulty for the raid which INCLUDES the ability to match make. And to top it off, it is soooo much easier than the normal raid. It is still recommended you have a high DTE, and know the steps (because who wants to be carried, right?) but this difficulty is so forgiving, especially for the first 3 bosses. Also, the bosses in between now give loot drops which is pretty cool.

As I was saying, the first three bosses are pretty easy (relatively), as long as most people know what they are doing. (example - alternate between shooting the two dogs), ect.

Now the cool part for achievement hunters - YOU CAN JOIN a game in progress. You aren't able to know in advance where the team is, but if you are lucky, you may get in a game that it at the end of the match.

Another cool thing is the HOST of the raid can invite FRIENDS online into the raid during boss fights. HOST ONLY though. I was playing the raid today, and we made it to the final boss. After a wipe, several people left and the host was given to me. I was then able to invite in two friends to that point, and they both got the achievement after we completed the raid. I will mention that one of the two people hadn't even played the raid before, and he too, got the achievement.

One thing to note: You do NOT get the special drops from playing discovery difficulty.

Anyway, I thought I'd let the community know!!!
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