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Quantities of Materials harvested?

Posted on 27 July 19 at 21:22
So i just got STW about 8 weeks ago now, and figured i would ask this random question i literally just thought about.....

In regards to mined Copper, Silver, you get MORE per broken rock when u hit the weak spot? or less or it is just totally random??

like each rock or tree etc etc, has its weak point, and you'll get brick or Metal from it, but the crafting material u get is either quartz or coal or rough ore

but do you get MORE if u DON'T hit the weak spots? or less? or is it just totally random amounts either way?

any info ya'll can offer me would be awesome, this may be an alrdy posted question, i apologize if it is.
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Runner eGirl
Runner eGirl
Posted on 30 July 19 at 18:29
you don't get more for hitting (or not hitting) the weak spot, it's just quicker.

If you are going for the completion (either game or story), you want quartz and herbs, don't trade them out for other mats. This is because you need quartz (2 each time I believe? I forgot) and herbs (7 each time!) to craft floor fire/freeze traps and ceiling gas traps, which are the best traps (IMO at least).

Every other mat, you'll have more than enough by the time you get to Twine.
Posted on 30 July 19 at 23:33
Runner is right. Hitting the weak spot doesn't get you more, it just does more damage, thus speeding up how long it takes to destroy it.

As you progress through the game, most of the materials you get in Stonewood will be obsolete when you start getting the newer materials in Plankerton, then Canny, then Twine.

As you upgrade your weapons and traps to higher tiers they require the higher tier materials. When both Runner and I were in Twine we were no longer using any of the basic materials found in Stonewood or Plankerton and sometimes Canny. But we still kept 1 stack of them in the backpack normally for when we went back to lower levels to grind out Survivors, Play with Others matches, or do Daily Challenges as we would use them to craft lower tier weapons. As it was pointless to waste our higher tier weapons in a low area as they get nerfed.

The main materials that never upgrade and are used throughout crafting anything regardless of tier are Planks, Herbs, Quartz, Bacon, Nuts N Bolts, and Rough Ore. Everything else like the Twine, Mechanical Parts, Mineral Powder, and Metal Ore, all have 5 tiers and each time you start using the next tier you pretty much stop using the previous tier.

Now they have increased the size of the backpack and stash a lot since Runner and I first grinded out this game, but we used treat the lower tier materials as junk and go into low level games and just drop it all near low level players as it was filling up our backpack slots and we needed to make room.
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