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Looking for people to work on the online stuff (particularly challenges)

Posted on 29 July 19 at 06:36, Edited on 29 July 19 at 06:37 by Waclimino
As of now, I have most of the challenges completed and only need:

Regular ones: 6 for 6 players;
Timed ones: 5 for 5 players and basically all for 6 - 8 players;
Bike ones: pretty much all, except for 2-player regular and timed ones, and 3-player regular ones.

I'm looking for people who also want to do the online challenges and are willing to help me complete the ones I need. From my side, I'm willing to help you in any way I could, with both the challenges and the achievements (I have a camera and all the DLC). Times I can host (or play) are:

Monday: 2:30 PM GMT - 8:30 PM GMT (with a break between 5 PM GMT - 6:30 PM GMT);
Tuesday: 2:30 PM GMT - 9 PM GMT (no breaks);
Wednesday: 2:30 PM GMT - 8:30 PM GMT (no breaks).

If, by some kind of miracle, the servers stay up beyond July 31, I'll schedule new times. The only problem is, I don't know how to organize the sessions in a way that won't lead to anyone getting left out (especially when working towards 5 - 7-player challenges). So any ideas in this department will be greatly appreciated.
Psychotic Sully
Posted on 29 July 19 at 08:06
How to Create and Join Gaming Sessions on TrueAchievements
“The Shadows Rushed Me” achievement should be a 1:00 ratio
Posted on 29 July 19 at 09:06
Thanks, have also created several sessions now.
Posted on 29 July 19 at 15:40
Messaged you as well
This here is what you call domination. It's a combination of skill and concentration.
Posted on 29 July 19 at 19:48
I was randomly at your session. Will you go for it tomorrow?
Posted on 29 July 19 at 20:44
Update - only need timed 6 - 8 player ones and Bike ones now, but everything else I said still stands. If anyone came from here - thank you. Yes, I'll still be doing the sessions in the times outlined and helping people with challenges I already have and also achievements.
Posted on 30 July 19 at 12:43
If servers are on after July 31, then I'll finish the rest. Need about 10 challenges to get the first achievement (20 or 25, can't quite remember)
Posted on 31 July 19 at 06:36
Alright. Another update - only need 5 8-player timed Car challenges and certain 3 - 8-player Bike challenges now. Thanks again to everyone involved. Should I get them before the scheduled session end time, I'll still remain online and help in any way I could. I will actually be more open for it, since there won't be anything I need anymore.
Posted on 01 August 19 at 07:03
I'm happy to say that my mission was a success and I was able to get everything I wanted on the very last day. Thank you to everyone involved for their time, effort, and willingness. I won't name any names, but you know who you are. I also tried to accommodate as many people as I could and I hope that you were able to get at least one step closer to your goals as a result.
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