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  • SkridgerSkridger279,499
    Posted on 30 July 19 at 11:50Permalink
    Just starting a thread for this extremely frustrating achievement. (Maybe moreso for some than others)

    I attempted last night with a Typhoon several times. I believe the car is capable, but just so extremely frustrating to control.

    From what I've read on other sites discussing, most people have trouble with the braking. However, I seem to be fine on that front, even managing to drift around some corners. It's the straights that get me. I can't keep the car straight. The long straight with the finish line kills me every time. Once I have a bit of speed, if I touch the steering even just a little, I lose control. End up in a fishtail and smacking the wall. I can recover by letting off the gas, but then I'm not maintaining enough speed for the achievement.

    You seem to lose speed quickly.

    Any tips?
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    Install the aftermarket transmission in the typhoon and use Fords 10R80 Transmission ratios (250-350 Hp is the sweet spot).

    Final Drive - 3.35
    1st Gear - 4.50
    2nd Gear - 2.99
    3rd Gear - 2.15
    4th Gear - 1.77
    5th Gear - 1.52
    6th Gear - 1.28
    7th Gear - 1.00
    8th Gear - 0.85
    9th Gear - 0.69
    10th Gear - 0.64

    You Add gears at the bottom of the menu

    Edit- I set 59.8 on my 2nd run with this setup on the Typhoon (329 Hp 425 lb.ft)
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  • SkridgerSkridger279,499
    Posted on 30 July 19 at 23:39Permalink
    Thanks so much for that tip, it definitely made this much easier.

    I could immediately tell this was going to be attainable, but would probably still take me many attempts because the controls are just THAT terrible.

    So I was on about my 20th lap, and I had wiped out so there was no way I was going to hit it on that lap, then the timer glitched and said I was negative for time. (Like negative 65 days, or something crazy like that)

    Achievement popped. Glitch, but I'll take it. Never driving in this game again, lol!
  • Posted on 02 August 19 at 05:20Permalink
    Haha the same happened to me, This game wins the award for the clunkiest driving mechanics on Xbox One. Anyway I'm happy it worked out for you. toast
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  • AnthAnth249,630
    Posted on 03 August 19 at 16:18Permalink
    The timer glitched for me also, midway through a lap i crashed and instead of resetting i just left it running as i went to make a tea. Came back and timer was on negative. Finished lap and achievement popped.
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