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Campaign Frequent Crashes

Level 75 Noob
Level 75 Noob
Posted on 30 July 19 at 12:13
Ever since the recent update to add the Grand Prix, I can't go into the single player campaign and complete any kind of race without about a 30% chance of the game crashing to dashboard during the loading screen back to the hub. I thought that it might be my dirt-slow internet connection failing to connect to the server fast enough to sync my earnings, but playing offline only seems to marginally improve my odds of continuing to play the game. Plus I can't get coins. Anyone else had this kind of issue? It never (or at least hasn't yet) crashed after any arcade modes or online matches, either.
Posted on 07 August 19 at 14:28
Yeah, I've had this issue. I'd say it's more than 30% of the time though, and it can go fall down a well.

I beat Pinstripe 4 times on hard mode, and each time it crashed out. The salt is real lol. Luckily, I was playing on my second gamer tag because fuck Oxide's ghosts. It's weird, because it saves the Wumpa Coins, skin unlocks, and any Grand Prix challenges, just doesn't save the adventure mode? It's like it doesn't want to load the hub world.

I thought it might just be single save corruption but I checked on other saves and started a new game in an empty save slot, and each did the same thing. I even tried changing characters so see if that was the issue but nope.

Local arcade and online seem unaffected by it. I was surprised to see not many people complaining about it. We must have got really unlucky :(
Posted on 08 August 19 at 15:39
I have had it crash multiple times during Adventure mode but it would always save progress
Posted on 02 October 19 at 05:12
i have the same issue , just happened few times
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