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Information Posted on 01 August 19 at 13:48
halohogg has just submitted some Game Info for Monster Jam Steel Titans Achievements.

These changes are for All Regions.

Display Name change from Monster Jam Steel Titans to Arcade Racing

halohogg said:
It's an Arcade Racer for sure. Eventhough I've not played the game yet, surely it's obvious from the reviews and YouTube gameplay videos available, that there is absolutely no "Motocross" component in this game and that the Motocross genre is incorrectly applied here. There doesn't seem to be a genre discussion page for this game in the Forum.
Posted on 20 August 19 at 16:21
Hi there, halohogg. This is a submission for game info, not genres. I've sent this over to the genre team to review, though.
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Information Posted on 21 August 19 at 03:11
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