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Map Exploit, glitch Tech Support -Climb the mountain

Posted on 04 August 19 at 05:10, Edited on 08 August 19 at 17:12 by zombizero
I guess you can't link videos in forum posts?

My video link for this is in the "tell us what you're up to" section under my gamertag when you click on my profile.

I spent some time bumping into walls hoping to find some methods for the more difficult runs. Keep in mind, the experiment is on easy.

It's somewhat tricky to hit the right spots on the rock face. You need to keep pressing the crouch and sprint buttons quickly and continue movement forward.
Perhaps some of you crazy insane and extreme players can aid this method and perfect it for a workable strategy?

Additionally, I have a video for another exploit for the end of Dead Sea Stroll, which I'll upload Sunday at some point.

Anyway, hopefully this helps in some way. At the very least, it was fun to find.
Posted on 17 August 19 at 18:33
Yeah, i too have spent time running into walls. Ep2 when you get the car parts part. works pretty well. Insane is by far too hard.
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