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Secret achievements

Posted on 05 August 19 at 17:04
The Achievements: (all are secret and all are 5G)
And You Said We Couldn’t Fly
As If Snatchers Weren’t Bad Enough
Betty’s My Kind of Girl
Broadcast This!
Looks Like an Elevator to Hell
One Hell of an Exhibit
Raiding is what Outsiders Do
Still Not Ironic
Warriors, Kings….Wizards.

I cannot get these achievements to unlock no matter what, played through the campaign on both solo and co-op on Casual & hardcore & insane & incon & ironman on PC and xbox one.
played these specific segments a few times on varying difficulties several times but none of them unlock

I have tried deleting my data so much that my collectables and progress show as 0 on all missions and i still don't unlock them.* I even made a temporary account and played with that on my Xbox one in co-op, he got the achievements and i didn't.

i did initially play my first play through of the game on PC so i'm not sure if that has caused this issue to occur

does anyone have any advice? I'm only 1 other achievement away from completion

Contacting support
i have tried contacting both the coalition and xbox support.
the coalition said they're unsure of an ongoing issue regarding these achievements and are currently focused on gears 5.

I had to Xbox support contact 8 times because they kept trying to deflect me off to random other forums because and i quote "a Microsoft engineer might be checking those forums and see your issue and help." turns out they don't. They also tried escalating the issue to their support team then they just close the issue off 2 days later for various made up reasons.

*if anyone's collectables are glitched out how i achieved this was too delete both my local save and reserve data from the manage games and add on screen. open the game until it says press A to start. opened settings disconnected the network connection(wifi). then went back into the game pressed A started a game on casual you can now reconnect to the internet. this does mean you have to do them all in one sitting but you can quit out and load a previous chapter without it loading your old saves incase you miss one. but if you turn off the console you will lose all that new progress.
Posted on 16 August 19 at 06:39
I have got the same Problem. Including Welcome Home.
Posted on 16 August 19 at 22:52
weird, i didn't even realise i had "Welcome Home". Will keep messing with gears 4 to see if theirs some mircale conditions required to unlock em.
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