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Information Posted on 06 August 19 at 08:31
Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
Information Posted on 06 August 19 at 08:34
TheMaize has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
i believe this one should have dungeon crawler added.

Ïts a much different game than the first one.
The open world is very small in this sequel. So pretty much all of the game, is taking quests from NPCs, and doing their missions in instanced "dungeons"
The game is all about farming those missions for loot, to upgrade your base, and craft better equipment. While at the same time levelling your character and camp, and improving skills to tackle harder enemies.
Posted on 20 August 19 at 11:14
Thanks for the disagreement. The team has agreed and decided to add Dungeon Crawler to this game. toast
Everything you do is a balloon.
iMmOrT4L Sh4DoW
Posted on 08 September 19 at 04:46
I have a question, I reached the level 51 with my friend's camp but i did not received the achievement.
Do I have to replay the whole story? or can I just create a new private camp and level it up to level 50?
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