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Seasoned Mechanic help

  • SkridgerSkridger280,352
    Posted on 06 August 19 at 17:40Permalink
    I'm showing 25% progression both on my xbox and here on TA.

    It hasn't increased in several game sessions, even though I'm examining multiple parts.

    I had assumed that removing parts from the vehicle, which automatically shows the part's wear level, would count as examining it, but when I saw that I seem to be stuck, I started using the tools to examine parts.

    It still does not seem to be progressing though.

    Anyone having this issue?

    And, anyone know whether removing a part counts for progress on this?
  • SkridgerSkridger280,352
    Posted on 06 August 19 at 18:04Permalink
    I just noticed there's a guide on the next achievement after this one.

    So from what I've read, you have to specifically use the examine option in the pie menu. (The magnifying glass icon)

    Also, apparently you can examine the same part over and over. (Even if already examined, each examine attempt counts)
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