Game Discussion: Jurassic World Evolution

Sanctuary on Jurassic Diff.

  • Posted on 06 August 19 at 19:07, Edited on 13 August 19 at 03:55 by Fuzzmeister JPermalink
    Anyone try this? I need the 8.5 hour achievement and the Jurassic Difficulty and decided to start both together. I'm almost 3 hours in and at 1.3 stars. I have everything in expeditions at 100% (with 4 bought from research) and 3 full pens with the important stuff researched and a few million saved up. I think I may have focused on contracts a bit much and wasted a little time. I think I can make it to 5 stars in 8.5 hours, but I've mostly run little islands so far.

    I don't know what to expect seeing only 34 people having done this on hard. I feel that not many people bothered with challenge mode.

    Edit: To answer my own question, NOPE. The requirements are way too stupid for Jurassic Mode.
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