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What are you trying to prove 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted on 07 August 19 at 23:13
Seeing as how the last thread is a few months old now, I decided to make a new thread for What Are You Trying to Prove. If you still need the achievement, message me or post here so we can begin scheduling sessions. Also, I'm more than willing to help people out after I earn the achievement since I legitimately enjoy playing Left4Dead. Playing for fun and for achievements.

For voice chat, we will use Discord instead as it's much easier and safer for all parties involved.
Posted on 18 September 19 at 13:16
I already have the achievements, but I'm always looking for more people to play L4D1 & 2 with, since I have very little selections for multiplayer games. I have Discord, but I'm kind of a noob with the app (on iPad), and I've had technical difficulties when talking to real-life friends. Do you have the Xbox app? If mics aren't preferable, then the party chat on the app could be an option, it's just really laggy.
Posted on 23 September 19 at 23:12
I wanna do all campaigns on expert as I haven't done it yet. Never used Discord though.
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