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Achievements for unlocking Isla Tacano and Pena, not working.

  • Posted on 09 August 19 at 16:51Permalink

    I'm having problems with these 2 achievements.
    I've completed the game and 5 stared all the islands, including the ones listed above.
    But I haven't received my achievements for unlocking these two islands, even though they're completed and I have other achievements to show that they're unlocked.
    I've been through all steps with Xbox support - ref: SR1480025175 and they've sent me here.
    Can these problems be solved without starting the game again?

  • Posted on 09 August 19 at 17:17Permalink
    There is a text box for this game within it's "Game Information" tab (top right corner of the game's achievements page):
    Achievements may not unlock if the game is resumed with the 'Instant On' power feature. Ensure the game is fully closed out and started back up between sessions to prevent potential issues.
    This may have been your issue. It would likely require deleting a save file to try again.
  • Posted on 11 August 19 at 15:36Permalink
    If its like the launch issues, keep a close save and try again after any update. Updates dont seem to need to target a specific achievement, any update seems to fix it.
  • ExytosExytos77,060
    Posted on 03 October 19 at 21:13Permalink
    Damn, i have the same problem with the "An aim not devoid of merit"-Achievement... :(
    Sorry for my poor english... ;)
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