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Has anyone's main menu background ever changed color?

Posted on 12 August 19 at 01:37
I'm just wondering if anyone has ever seen the background of the main menu shift into a deep red kinda like when you die in game. I was doing arcade with a second controller when the game froze in a loading screen making me have to shut the console off manually and restart (I was on my 360). Then I went back into arcade and picked the wrong chapter I was on and immediately left to pick the right one and at the main menu the background slowly shifted into the shade of red the screen goes when you die.

I went into the event calendar thinking the red screen meant something new happening but then the background switched back to normal. Was that a normal albeit rare occurrence or did I experience some kinda of creepypasta?
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 15 August 19 at 18:08
I've never seen it change, but twice now after long absences from the game. It behaves like I've never played it. Nothing ribbons rank or medals have disappeared but campaign progress and some skins have. For example I get the toasty notification for 10 kills in TDM
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