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Achievements that you've already earned?

Posted on 12 August 19 at 19:46
I've heard something about when you boot up the game you should get all the achievements that you've already earned from the game preview? This did not happen. Am I doing something wrong? I also played a match.
Posted on 14 August 19 at 03:14
Dear Legends!

We’ve stated that the achievements and trophies will be retroactive, unfortunately this is only partly true. We apologize for the miscommunication, but let us provide you with some info on how to make sure you can get those. Keep in mind, that some of the instructions below concern cases when it seems like there’s no way to unlock a particular achievement/trophy.

Any of the battle achievements are going to be counted from August 12, so essentially you need to play the amount of games or accumulate the amount of victories. This concerns such achievements as Cruiser Commander, Widow-Maker, etc.

Similarly, any of the single-battle achievements need to be completed anew. Examples are: "Pyromaniac", "Hit Where It Hurts", "War Profiteering", etc.
Posted on 14 August 19 at 03:15
When it comes to your commander roster and you already fulfill a set of requirements (5 commanders of the same nation), your achievement/trophy will arrive when you receive a duplicate of said nation’s commander.

"Living Legend" will activate when you promote a commander to legendary rank or upgrade existing legendary rank further. "Ranking Up" / "The Climb" will trigger once you promote a commander to an appropriate or higher rank, while "Don’t Stop at the Top" will trigger if you promote someone to either 16 or legendary.

Regarding the ship research/ownership, for example "Dockyard Master" would trigger if you research any Tier V ship or above. If you have every ship researched "Armada and Flotilla" will simply require you to sell and buy an appropriate Tier I ship, if you already meet the requirements. 

Achievements like A "Good Use of Blueprints" should activate if you uninstall/install one of the upgrades, should you have all of the required ships fully upgraded. 

Once again, apologies for the miscommunication, and happy hunting!
Posted on 14 August 19 at 05:28
That one about the commanders is bullshit. I have every US and Brit commander, got a duplicate and no achievement.
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