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I just cant fly the ship right

  • OsakamitsuOsakamitsu373,661 373,661 GamerScore
    Posted on 13 August 19 at 05:24, Edited on 13 August 19 at 06:21 by Osakamitsu
    I really want to like this game. I really do. But I just cant fly this stupid ship. I am trying to land on a planet. Either I fly away from the planet.... or I crash right into it.

    Like, I was trying try to fly to dark bramble. I had a HECK of a time flying to the planet without the auto pilot. I either get further away, or I start getting really close and then all of a sudden I can't catch up with the planet. Trying to fly inside the holes of dark bramble is a nightmare. I just dont understand.

    I'm actually pretty good at flying the toy practice one and I dont find it hard at all. But when it comes to flying it in space it feels completely different to me.

    When I fly straight at dark bramble, I feel like my ship bounces off the the atmosphere and I just fling right past it. If that makes sense.

    Any tips?
  • LockieLockie429,713
    Posted on 13 August 19 at 10:27
    It sounds like you might be flying it like an aeroplane rather than a spaceship.

    Keep in mind that space is a vacuum, planets are orbiting at speed and obviously have gravitational pull. So use your backboosters well in advance to match the speed and orbit of the planet on approach. Then make small adjustments to ease your way to the surface.

    It requires some practice and crashes but you get used to it eventually.
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  • OsakamitsuOsakamitsu373,661 373,661 GamerScore
    Posted on 13 August 19 at 14:38
    Yeah I think that's what I am doing as well. I managed to get through dark bramble and beat the game with the single loop. I of course missed a ton of stuff. It was my best flying even though it was ugly. What helped a ton was really concentrating on trying to not angle up while thrusting forward like an airplane and being conscious about using the triggers for my up and down movement. But I still had issues landing without crash landing.

    Can you help me understand planetary landing? I know there is a match velocity option. It doesnt really seem to help me. Probably cause I am using it wrong. And if I auto pilot to a planet, sometimes as soon as the auto pilot turns off and im there, the planet leave without me. It was helping to try and fly ahead of the planets rotation, but I would often be going too fast for this and really wreck my ship trying to slow down and land.

    Practicing on the home planet was very easy for me. Nothing is moving away from me. But I have a real problem landing.
  • Posted on 13 August 19 at 18:29
    I hate the flying in this game, haha. You expect it to be like other games and it was a real adjustment because it’s not at all. I think the most important things to always remember is speed and distance. You can’t go full blast everywhere because if it takes you 20 seconds to get up to a speed it will then take that same time to slow down to 0. That’s very tough to judge on moving planets.

    Matching velocity is a good first step because it makes sure you’re at a decent speed. Once you’re close I target the planet, because it brings up that distance and speed graphic. You’re not racing anyone so just make sure you’re getting closer to the planet but not at a blazing speed (until you get the hang of things). As you get closer to the planet continue to go slower but fast enough you’re gaining distance on the planet.

    You’ll eventually get to a point that flying your ship on this new planet is just like your home planter and you should be able to land with no problem. If you do bump something, no problem you can repair it. There is a landing camera but I never got the hang of using it.

    If you’re still having problems maybe watch a video of someone landing on a planet and you can watch their speed and distance as they approach.
  • iMaginaryyiMaginaryy1,538,207
    Posted on 14 August 19 at 07:33
    Yeah the others have covered it pretty well in basics, and this game isn't as technical as some other space simulators.

    But the two main things to keep in mind IMO is that space flight is essentially about two things, or three things, but they're all related:

    MOMENTUM, velocity (and gravity).

    Make little adjustments when close to an object, and remember that due to momentum everything essentially has what appears to be a delay - gotta be at least one step ahead at all times.
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  • WhyattThrashWhyattThrash374,125
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 19:16
    Do you know about the landing camera? When you’re locked on, using the landing camera focuses completely on the ground, and auto locks you in place to land with your gears facing the ground.

    From there, you just need to adjust velocity using the triggers (as well as making sure there’s actually ground where you try to land). Osakamitsu said:
    ...And if I auto pilot to a planet, sometimes as soon as the auto pilot turns off and im there, the planet leave without me...
    Hmmm, wow, that’s really mysterious. I wonder why that one planet behaves completely different from all others... quite a mystery indeed!
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