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Pure gold Achievement.. Boosting

Posted on 14 August 19 at 09:36
Ok, this could be long winded but here me out.

I've been thinking that this could actually be boosted..
First off, we need 20 COMMITTED people (or however much it is to fill a lobby.. Sure its 20 though)

For the connection, I'm pretty sure if I add everyone I'll be able to invite everyone into a game, we can all connect.. And if there are any random people who join we can kick them. (If someone can confirm that you can invite people that would be great)

So once we get 20 in, obviously with the skills, it works like this:-
1st, 2nd and 3rd will give you big big points, especially with a full lobby
4 to 10th give you a few points and i think you lose a few points from 10th to last (Again if someone could confirm)
When it comes to points and boosting this.. People CANNOT, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT crash into each other or take someone out because you get penalties, and that loses you a lot of points!!

So what the order would be is People who joined the session.. So if I create it, I'll go first.. Person who joined 2nd goes 2nd etc etc..

I'm not sure if this is the best way.. But if the person going for the achievement wins every race until that happens (5 laps, picking shortest track we can) people could take it in turns getting on the podium so that boosts their score up a bit, therefore reducing the time needed for others to get their Achievement..

So how it will run..
Say I go first.. I'll do the races needed to get it (hopefully 5 or less than 5 races)
Once I'm done I will finish last or roughly last until second person gets it.. Once he or she gets it.. They drop to the back..
3rd gets it, then drops to the back etc etc
So that way others gain more points and gets it quicker..

Also could someone confirm also, if you go to minus points or if it just goes back to 0 if you lose some?

I think I've covered everything negative and positive about this..
If anyone would like to say if there's anything I've missed.. Or if your up for boosting this.. Let me know and we can get this hopefully boosted and have less stress for everyone
Posted on 14 August 19 at 18:45
Hi dude, I was thinking about how to do this myself. The thing is that I think you used to be able to join/invite friends into ranked races but it was patched out - I can't confirm this but I think it was one of the comments in the Pure Gold solution.

Also, for me the order of people winning, and therefore getting the achievement first, would make more sense if the people with the highest points go first, therefore dropping down even quicker to give the boost to the rest of the field. If you are only 5 or so races from 2000 and you do decide to take on the task of setting something like this up then I'm sure no one would mind you going first anyway.

The other issue is that due to the 1v1 system that the game uses from 2000 coming last in a field of 20 silvers will probably lose over 100 points easily, which will reduce the effectiveness of doing it for each loss.

I would suggest that if the boosters main account is over 1600 and you will be finishing 8th or lower then they should use a dummy account (getting the placement races done before the session starts). And then if any of the dummy accounts drop out of silver then they should make another dummy - this is assuming most people can get 1300 (high silver 1) rating after placement races.

What I am trying to say is that if you are at 1900 or more beating a field of mostly silver 1's won't give much, if you can try and keep the majority of the field at silver 2 then it will go quicker.

I hope what I said makes sense, I tend to ramble on a bit trying to over-explain things but any questions or counters to what I have said just let me know.

That said, I like the idea and I would definitely be interested if you managed to figure out how.
Yours sincerely, TG
Sky Maniac
Sky Maniac
Posted on 15 August 19 at 08:17
yeah inviting has been fixed, you can no longer invite people.
the best bet is to wait for the game to die down a bit so the lobbies are almost always empty. then you can rig them and kick randoms.

The main problem will be keeping everyone near the same rank (if your not doing it in 1 sitting - which for 20 people will take a long time)
So you would need say positions 5-20 switching each race to ensure no one deranks to much and is then unable to rejoin the lobby for a later session.
I believe CM have added an anti-boosting method in - I noticed you sometimes get kicked out of lobbies when your rank increases and told to rematch for new oppenents.

even with a lobby of 20 players @ 1600 score you would be looking at atleast 10 races, per player.

It would be not worthwhile to do it with less than 10 - when I was around 1980~ I got into a lobby with 6 silvers 2's and only won 5 points from winning...
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