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Xbox Game Pass Games Leaving in August: Keflings, Sky Force, Hue and More

  • LoneSt4r1836LoneSt4r1836638,061
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 03:58, Edited on 19 August 19 at 21:12 by LoneSt4r1836
    Hue is a must play. Great little game. Enjoyed the puzzle mechanics with the colors.
  • OneShotUDie55OneShotUDie551,111,745
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 05:50
    hue isnt too bad to do at all. can blaze through it in a day or 2. manual samuel may take a bit of time to get used to control wise and you're gonna need a second controller too for a co op achievement (although the mech section time trial is a pain its doable with practice)

    gotta blast through innerspace. thankful that there's a guide so i dont have to spend too much time on it.
  • Lord MidasLord Midas392,039
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 06:48
    Glad a lot of these old arcade games are going. Time for some new ones to act as filler.
    Would you kindly
  • Osmo76Osmo761,469,725
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 07:29, Edited on 16 August 19 at 07:32 by Osmo76
    Both Keflings done. I think I'll give Hue a whirl.

    Edit: Oh yeah, BattleBlock Theater done as well.
  • Vr EnglishVr English800,391
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 08:14, Edited on 16 August 19 at 08:14 by Vr English
    Looks like I'll miss out on playing Hue through gamepass due to time constraints but that's ok.

    I enjoyed Keflings back in the day, might be less enjoyable if you're rushing it though. Seem to remember it had some boosting session needing multiplayer cheeves too.
  • GarnitoroGarnitoro234,039
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 08:15
    This is exactly the kind of format I'd like to see from these posts going forward; good job, Sam! I was disappointed when the last one was just a rundown of the games with added marketing-y blurbs for each one. Getting a writer's take both on whether the games are worth playing before they leave Game Pass, and whether taking the time to knock out the achievements will be worth it, is just the type of coverage I want from TA.
    Again, lovely job on this one, Sam!
  • LockieLockie764,451
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 08:19
    I enjoyed Hue and completed it in 5 hours without using the walkthrough (except for the collectables).

    Might consider running through InnerSpace. Looks a bit like ABZU which I didn't mind.
    Posting from sunny Australia.
  • EmiinahEmiinah50,881
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 10:25
    Hue is a fairly easy completion and if you have issues with any levels there are many YouTube videos. I think there was one level I had trouble with and came across a video released by the developers themselves.
    You child of a twon-ha!
  • JohnnyInterfnkJohnnyInterfnk1,086,111
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 12:32
    I said this last month but it bears repeating -- thanks for the heads up on these, now that I have Game Pass (thank you $1 offer!) this is one of the most useful reoccurring articles on the site, Keep it up!
  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes941,023,884
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 15:23
    wolfsburgraz said:
    Innerspace was hard to get used to thanks to the strange perspective and controls. After I got a handle of both I really clicked with the game. I liked how vague it was, finding out what you were supposed to do through exploration and frankly shear luck at times (I didn't use a guide), where to go next and how to tackle the "bosses" was all a worthwhile experience in my opinion. I liked searching for all the bits of wind and collectibles.

    I can only imagine the ratio is so high because of how off-putting the first moments of playing the game are.
    I largely agree, although I felt the camera and controls contradicted its ambiguity. That as a concept is fine, but give the player controls where exploring is fun, not a battle.
  • Posted on 16 August 19 at 16:08, Edited on 16 August 19 at 16:11 by Mr Peanutbubber
    I'll try to finish off Manual Samuel and do InnerSpace, too. Doubt I'll accomplish either! laugh

    Edit: I've apparently purchased Manual Samuel, so it looks like just InnerSpace it is!
  • buttmudBrooksbuttmudBrooks1,457,765
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 16:34
    The guy who said Innerspace is a chore is right. It's not easy and it's not fun. There was only one guide when I played and the maker made it very hard to follow so I did it mostly on my own. I remember Innerspace as the most distinctly unpleasant gaming experience in the last year for me. Manual Samuel is second to that.
    Always number 2.
  • Posted on 16 August 19 at 20:58
    Well wasn't it a nice surprise to find myself name dropped straight out of the blue. Even if it's for something I ripped from somewhere else. I'm moving up in the world, I tell ya.

    Innerspace is definitely very doable in a few hours but as others have stated it's not the best. Pleasant at times but pretty mediocre. Good if you want an easy completion with a surprisingly high ratio but nothing you'll regret missing quality wise.
  • BegFourMercyBegFourMercy1,187,759
    Posted on 16 August 19 at 21:49
    Just started Hue. Surprising fun and great concept.
  • CODYWWE24CODYWWE2494,241
    Posted on 17 August 19 at 01:02
    Manual Samuel is a freaking hard game to get use to. After that, it is great.
  • Posted on 17 August 19 at 04:15
    There is a boosting session for Kingdom of Keflings on the 28th, incase anyone wants to join and get the online achievements for the game before it leaves Game Pass.
    I would be Unstoppable, if not for Law Enforcement and Physics
  • OneShotUDie55OneShotUDie551,111,745
    Posted on 17 August 19 at 04:25
    just finished up innerspace. easy completion with the guide on the relic, just have to mind the slight motion sickness the game can give you. can be done in one or two sittings so good for an easy completion.
  • Aura BattlerAura Battler795,681
    Posted on 17 August 19 at 07:15
    IMO, Innerspace is not easy, it gave me the headache before I got 1000g, so the TA is 2.8.

    There is no internal world map for the game, the dimension is 360 degree, there is day & night in the world, so you would always find yourself lost even you follow the video guide and do it step by step.

    If you would like to finish it in hurry, I am not recommending it.
  • Posted on 17 August 19 at 09:41
    CRUM LEE said:
    Time to complete Hue
    I still want to hold off on doing it thocry
  • Rich swv1Rich swv1803,499
    Posted on 17 August 19 at 12:57
    Think I'll spend today collecting the last beakers to finish off Hue then.
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