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Guardian of the Underworld 94%

Posted on 16 August 19 at 05:32
Saw on the guide that a lot of people are having trouble getting the last 6% on the tracker for this achievement, and Ubisoft on their forum has said they can’t replicate it and don’t plan to fix it! So I’m wondering if anyone has run into the glitch and has figured out some work around? I have lots of saves, including one right after the very first boss fight and tried loading that one up and doing the tutorial right and the two rifts outside temple of nyx to no avail! Not sure what to try next 😭
Posted on 20 August 19 at 20:35
Update: I got this to pop after reading that someone noticed if a dog kills one of the enemies it may not count. So I loaded a save that still had the cradle of the underworld rifts incomplete, and made sure to do those last (since it has a hound in there) and this time when I completed the rift with the dog it popped. Good luck!
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