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Core Instability - Missing Last 2 Minikits

Posted on 16 August 19 at 07:57
You've fired for days, and the mini kit markers make no sense.

These are probably the last two you need.

1) There is a second mini truck to pursue you, that you must destroy. The first one is pretty obvious, but the second one only lasts for a few moments.

In the first round with the robot, give it 10 or 20 seconds after defeating the first truck for that second truck to appear. It seems to crash into the outer wall about 20 seconds after appearing, before it becomes unobtainable after that.

2) There are 3 DIFFERENT walls that must be smashed for the final achievement.

If you have the mini guide turned on, and are at the final mini-kit, wait for the highlighted moment, then pounce. Hold fire until you see the right one in the scope. If you hit the same one twice, it will fail your mini-kit and you need to start over

These last 2 gave me the most unhelpful identifiers in the game.
Posted on 26 August 19 at 08:00
Just a quick note that BackupSalmon means the giant, gray statues when he describes the “walls” (number 2). They will each have a silver support at the bottom you can shoot. Just make sure to shoot a different statue between each “round” of the fight. And by “round” I mean after each time you destroy the robot’s core.
Posted on 26 August 19 at 13:53
I found the easiest way to get the 2nd truck was to not shoot down any of the statues. It wont glitch then and will drive right up behind you (took me a couple of frustrated attempts to work that out!)
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