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Utopia DLC Achievements Not Unlocking?

Posted on 17 August 19 at 01:31
So far I have built a fully upgraded Science Nexus, Sentry Array, and colonized a Habitat around a black hole. I'm in Ironman mode, but none of the associated Utopia achievements have unlocked angry

There are very few players that have unlocked any achievements in the Utopia DLC, so is it bugged in some way, or is there something the 10 players who unlocked achievements are doing differently than the rest of us?
Posted on 19 August 19 at 20:15
I was using an old save when I built the Habitat, Ring World, Dyson Sphere, etc. and none of the achievements unlocked.

I started a New Game last night, and finally unlocked my first Utopia achievement today when I built and colonized a Habitat.

TLDR: An old save doesn't work, you have to start a New Game after you download the Utopia DLC.
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