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Information Posted on 19 August 19 at 18:24
TuKraZe has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Vigor Achievements:

TuKraZe said:
VigorWorld TravelerThe World Traveler achievement in Vigor worth 270 pointsVisit all points of interest in six maps

World Traveler

Piston Toyota
Piston Toyota
Posted on 19 August 19 at 22:05
Hey there TuKraZe! This was a typo on Microsoft's end that has since been corrected, so we have updated the achievement name on our end as well now. Thanks for your submission! toast
Information Posted on 20 August 19 at 06:43
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Information Posted on 14 September 19 at 02:03
DANIELJJ14 has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Vigor Achievements:

DANIELJJ14 said:
VigorMy Shelter is my CastleThe My Shelter is my Castle achievement in Vigor worth 725 pointsFully repair Shelter

Should contain level as it essentially is the max level shelter, the description is just worded differently than the other achievements based on levelling up the shelter.

VigorSafecrackerThe Safecracker achievement in Vigor worth 176 pointsCrack the vaults

Not a collectible, every game has the safe as a potential lootable object which is marked on the map and players can fight to crack it, you have to successfully crack the safe 5 times.

Posted on 16 September 19 at 06:27
Thank you for the submission DANIELJJ14. We have updated the flags.
Information Posted on 18 September 19 at 09:13
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