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Xbox One Sale Roundup: August 20th, 2019

  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX1,109,829
    Posted on 23 August 19 at 12:48
    Only a few games on sale in my region that interest me, but I feel like they all could be GWG at some point, and I won't play them any time soon anyway.

    By the way, the Darksiders bundle is more expensive than buying them separately, if you're like me and don't have Game Pass.
  • OzbrithianOzbrithian1,835,558
    Posted on 24 August 19 at 04:14
    Lakeshow said:
    Ow Nitram said:
    mfeforever said:
    Picked up ACA NEOGEO 3 Count Bout, but it will not start.
    Any thoughts? Yes uninstalled and reinstalled.
    Anyone else buy it? If so, working for you or not?
    So it wasn't just me...I have the same issue, install/uninstall the game 5 times, change region & try to play with my XBO set to Japan. The game still saying to wait and an error message popped a minute after.
    Me too, have tried reinstalling multiple times and now on multiple systems. One being an insider system and the other not but both don't work. Have tried all the usual posted fixes but nothing. So strange.
    So not just me? I requested a refund.
    It's wrong to break into someone's house. How would you feel if someone's house broke into you?
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