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Time to complete & difficulty?

ICE Faux Pirate
Posted on 20 August 19 at 14:27
The ratio is high but I'm assuming that's because it's a free game. Is that right or is this a super difficult or enormous grind?
Doc, Doc, noose
Posted on 20 August 19 at 14:29, Edited on 20 August 19 at 14:31 by CRUM LEE
Multiplayer versus achievements are easy, but the Special Ops can be really hard. You'll need to find a good team that uses communication and has patience. The Special Ops maps also rotate so they aren't always available.

There's not really any grind. It'll probably take between 40-50 hours, maybe a bit less. I enjoyed my time with this game overall.
Posted on 20 August 19 at 14:40
Yeah. The major issue is the Special Ops on hard, and the Special Ops HQ doing every floor.

They're very hard, and veeeeery unforgiving. Playing with randoms won't cut it, as a lot of people just do whatever they want. Defo need communications/a good team to pass them.

Everything else is decent, even the online rank achievements.. Just gotta play enough, is all.
Everything you do is a balloon.
Posted on 21 August 19 at 09:46, Edited on 21 August 19 at 09:57 by Shadowkiller77
I strongly recommend to solely focus on the PVP before continuing with the coop mission based achievements when starting the game. For example, the achievement "10 times ranking within top 3 players in Battle Royale" will be much easier this way. Reason is that you'll play against other new players in the "beginners pool" until you reach level 10. The moment you reach level 10 you'll suddenly be put against the veterans (who often paid for OP weapons) which makes gaining victories in PVP significantly harder.

After finishing PVP, you'll be familiar with the mechanics of the game to tackle the coop missions. Completing the co-op Spec Ops missions can be frustrating or highly rewarding depending on your team. I only played with randoms. I have seen too often team killers (when playing hard), drop outs or just plain stupid behaviour (not taking cover, standing in the way, not giving health/ammo to teammates) resulting in failure of the mission. Sometimes I was lucky and had a well-coordinated team but this was seldom.

Note that the Spec Ops missions are rotating meaning that sometimes you have to wait for the right mission to be playable. I think they rotate monthly. For example, currently the mission Cyberhorde is not available thus making the achievement attached to this mission (temporarily) unobtainable.

The reach level 30 ranking achievement you'll gain naturally and should not be your priority since you'll get it eventually while aiming for the PVP/PVE achievements.

I put around 75 hours into it and only need the Cyberhorde achievement which is not playable currently. Hope this helps!
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