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Miner's world

Posted on 21 August 19 at 05:31
Looking for an adventure?! Trying to find a like minded community? With mature players.
Miner's World [White-Listed] [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] Server!
is now taking new member!

Our server is 100% Vanilla with no RANKS TO BUY!So, everyone is equal even the admin & staff. Runs off of donations from the community that plays on it. We have a discord and a website.

The server also have acouple plugins but nothing major game changing. the plugins we have so far are
-Keys (Private doors&chest)

We do update the server with different plugins, we will remove or add some as the community votes on it. this is a community heavy server so be prepare 📷:) 📷<3

So, if you think we're a prefect match for you, Please fill out a application on our site

or join our discord
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