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Crew Wanted

X Mr x Blue78 X
Posted on 21 August 19 at 13:43
Hey All,

I have had this game for sometime and never really played it. I am looking for potential people to join me weeknights for an hour helping get achievements etc. I am in the UK
Posted on 21 August 19 at 14:06
I would be up for that, as it might also convince me to make progress in it as well
X Mr x Blue78 X
Posted on 21 August 19 at 15:39
Will wait for a few more responses so we can get a proper crew together.
Posted on 21 August 19 at 23:12
Also keen to help
Posted on 28 August 19 at 10:45
Feel free to add me as a friend - I am UK based, and am grinding voyage completions and fishing when I can. Mainly at weekends, though.
My Name is BaRt
Posted on 02 September 19 at 19:21
Would love to join a crew and ho for some of the arena achievements. I'm gmt+1
Posted on 04 September 19 at 08:08
I'm on most nights 9-11pm GMT.

Mainly playing Apex Legends at the moment but would be able to do an hour a night to make some SoT progress if the timing fits in.
Posted on 04 September 19 at 08:37
Best approach to all this is to create gaming sessions, and let people sign up; very little happens otherwise.
Cower Before me
Posted on 04 September 19 at 23:23
Anyone that wants to play feel free to add me or message me.
Posted on 06 September 19 at 14:15
You'll need more than an hour to get anything meaningful done in Adventure. In Arena, a match is half an hour.

I'm up for any achievement hunting. I've been playing since December 2018 and I'm in GMT+2. I usually play somewhere ebtween 8-11PM almost every day.
British Legends
Posted on 09 September 19 at 12:46
I'll likely be creating sessions to finish off the most difficult fish (battlegills, storm and wreckers) soon. So if you're up for some streamlined fishing (pun intended) then keep an eye out for sessions, or message me.
Posted on 12 September 19 at 16:58
Hi, I have added you all here. Anyone feel free to add me in xbox live to set up crews whenever we meet, join my ship or message me. English and spanish spoken. Looking for complete everything from events to the last cheevo.
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