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Cabala missions

  • Posted on 22 August 19 at 09:55Permalink
    a clan to complete cabal missions? Send me message on xbox
  • wanderuxwanderux531,434
    Posted on 01 September 19 at 06:49Permalink
    Looking for an active Cabal. Send me PM at XBL please.
  • Grindor 777Grindor 777160,741
    Posted on 18 March 20 at 13:22Permalink
    Is there someone who wanna do this an perhaps have an Cabal ?
  • Posted on 18 April 20 at 08:08Permalink
    I am looking for a Cabal to join - not getting much back from applications. Any known active Cabals?
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  • Posted on 29 April 20 at 14:43Permalink
    You can Join Mine (which is Just me). You dont need anyone Else to do the Cabal achievements though as far as i know. If you want to Join me, send me a Message in xbl.
  • OneChicago51OneChicago51685,037
    Posted on 17 May 20 at 21:07Permalink
    I made one for casual and solo players like myself. Just me and 5 others so far. Hopefully have the upgrade for 4 cabal missions in the next few days. "2528" is the current name of the cabal to search for.
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