Game Discussion: Gears POP! Crew

  • RKlaahsenRKlaahsen170,587
    Posted on 07 September 19 at 04:00Permalink
    Can I join? App shows 4 open slots.
  • Posted on 08 September 19 at 03:36Permalink
    Hey can i join lvl 1711
  • iDavies xPiDavies xP205,023
    Posted on 16 September 19 at 15:40Permalink
    Can Korysparky5 join.
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  • Posted on 15 October 19 at 12:39Permalink
    I was away a week and got booted, tried to rejoin since there are ten open slots but the crew is closed?
  • BashamBasham542,016
    Posted on 16 October 19 at 13:13Permalink
    Would love to join, I have many horde things to use.
  • MorseyBabyMorseyBaby125,719
    Posted on 18 October 19 at 10:49Permalink
    The crew has multiple spaces now and we ARE accepting applications from TA members. Those who are active and contribute to horde preferred and those whoa re inactive may be removed.
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