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rad fad
rad fad
Posted on 22 August 19 at 16:13
How grindy is it? Your estimated completion time? Is it fun at least? I downloaded it but hesitant to start because of that Complete the Tutorial achievement.
Posted on 22 August 19 at 16:24
It's pretty fun.
It is a clone of Clash Royale in the Gears universe: same types of units, same game modes, same upgrade mechanisms, same chests....

The only difference is that you can'win' cover locations to deploy your troops further away and your opponent can take them back.

However, I think it's going to be a grind! Since I haven't changed arenas yet, I don't know if it's going to be complicated to reach the highest league for Seriously achievement. Other requirements are only time consuming
Posted on 22 August 19 at 16:51
I only got the opportunity to play for about 20 minutes this morning before work, however, within that time i still managed to pop 9 achievements. There are a few grindy achievements, however it looks like there is plenty of low-hanging fruit where you should be able to pop over 50% of the achievements within the first couple hours of play.
Posted on 22 August 19 at 19:40
Its typical of a F2P mobile game. Most achievements will take a fee hours and some will take several months. Never played Clash Royal but I have played quite a bit if South Park Phone Destroyer and its a top down version of that.
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