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Any missable achievements in this game?

BurstGamer Jedi
Posted on 24 August 19 at 14:25
I got game today and notice 6 players had completed 1000G this game so I like know if game got missable achievements and advice me any tips about game and achievements?
Jacob Groves
BurstGamer Jedi
Posted on 24 August 19 at 21:23
bump* no answer?
Jacob Groves
Fuzzmeister J
Fuzzmeister J
Posted on 25 August 19 at 04:21
Give it time. It's not even out yet.
Count Flanders
Posted on 27 August 19 at 19:43, Edited on 27 August 19 at 19:43 by Count Flanders
According to this thread (Achievement Review/Tips), there are no missable achievements.
Posted on 28 August 19 at 07:58
There are no missable achievements in Control. PP's roadmap confirms this. However Maka91 advises that for some Bureau Alerts and Side-Mission bosses may be glitchy, so to do them as they come up/before the end of the story (see Twitter thread).
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