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Some way of organizing availabilities to find the best time for sessions

Posted on 25 August 19 at 01:40
I've been discovering the Sessions part of the website and it's incredible. It's really helping me get achievements I never thought I'd have a chance with!

But I've noticed that there are some boundaries between getting as much people together as they would like. I work 9-5, and I see the same Gears of War 3 sessions smack dab in the middle of the day in my time zone every week. I'd love to join but I can't. And if I make a session at 9 PM my time, maybe they can't join because of something on their end.

The only way to do anything about it now would be to make a thread in the forums, which are pretty dead, and people will say to make sessions. Or I can PM the people who did the session that I can't make and hope they respond to me. None of these seem like a good option.

How about an interface like a "When is good" survey, where you put in your availability, which times and days of the week, and you get to see everyone else's availability, and you can make schedules based on that. Maybe there's some perfect time that works for all of us, but we never know because we're creating sessions by just plain trial and error so far. I'd like a way to publicly say "Hey, I want these achievements, and I'm available all day Saturday and Sunday and weeknights EST". I don't want to keep making Sessions that no one joins.
Posted on 25 August 19 at 12:13
Where would that be located? On a gamers page? On a session page (which require a time to set up)?

If not on a session page how would we know the info was current/accurate?

(None of the below is a solution, backing up the suggestion etc, but thoughts of mine you may find useful)

So the majority here are affected in one way or another by the differences of timeszones, the large predominantly Europe/N. America divide of membership and availability of gamers.

If larger groups are needed then times that seem to work well from what I've seen are often hedging their bets by being a little late for Europe and a bit early for EST or picking a time likely to be good for most in N. America.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

What you may have seen many do for games requiring either larger numbers of gamers or for far less well selling titles is posting a session further ahead of time. Sometimes the session time is stated as not being set in stone for then, it is to gather numbers. Indeed those requiring just one gamer for a more obscure title frequently state something like this. Were you to post one for circa 10th Sept at a time you like and state that you are looking for people able to play in EST-friendly times and that you are happy to play sooner than advertised time/date you are likely to have good luck. Note that once one person has joined you cannot edit the session info box, so state all such info there from session creation as conversation would have to go to the forum chat within it after.

Another thing that helps is if you state your location. Here - My Settings near the bottom you can add your national or state flag to your profile. State flags help your compatriots (but mean little/nothing to most Europeans btw). This means those looking at a sessions members, the boost list for a game or your gamer page will know where you are.

Some people also put a block of text on the LHS of their gamer page stating location/time availability and if there are particular titles they want to boost. Sure that require others to be proactive, but many here are. :)
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