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Tables and maps showing stats of geographical membership spread

Posted on 25 August 19 at 13:00
So I know we have leaderboards showing ranks and thus numbers of members per area, and we have the statistics bit in the drop down under or user name in the top LHS - But do we have stats etc for the site in this way? I can't find any.

It'd be nice to see some lists and coloured maps showing the membership spread. Also, many are mad on stats here so... smile

Perhaps a table beside a map, both showing selected region/scope (dropdown/buttons)

Table lists # of members per country

Maps which indicate #of members within a range (using colours)
- World
- Europe
- N. America* **
- Each other continent, in order of membership count.

The lists for countries and their # of members could also link to a leaderboard (GS? TA?), as could those for the USA States/Canadian Districts. I am not thinking of this member location page as a being about GS/TA, but it'd make sense to link to this.

* By state/District - the nations are big enough to be clearly visible and highly ranked on World map.

**A disclaimer stating that many gamers have only stated their location on a national level and are thus excluded from more regionalised stats would likely be needed I guess.
Posted on 25 August 19 at 16:01
+1 (love me some more stats - all over!!!)
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