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Xbox 360 Achievements no longer being logged

Posted on 25 August 19 at 13:59
So yesterday i did a few achievements in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes it says i have 24 unlocked on my Xbox but on the site it only say 19 and i have force updated it aswell and still nothing
Posted on 25 August 19 at 14:52
Your Xbox.com page says 19 also. Most likely you were playing this on an XB1 and the 360 emulator lost contact with the LIVE. It happens...a lot. Once you play the game again and make sure you're connected to LIVE in the emulator, the achievements will sync up.

To prevent this from happening in the future, whenever you're playing a BC game, start a party with just you in it. If the emulator loses connection, you'll get thrown out of the party and a message will appear on the screen telling you so. You can then pause the game, reconnect to LIVE, restart the party, and go back to you game knowing you're online and your achievements will be properly timestamped.
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