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Imagine A Magnificent Mash-up

Posted on 25 August 19 at 19:42
What two favourite games would you like to see combined into an epic, cross-genre, mash-up? Describe your best creation

I just re-finished DiRT, and while speeding around some of the Windy Point stages, I was reminded of the rocky hills scattered throughout Chuparosa. I would love to be able to scream around the horse and cart trails throughout Red Dead Redemption, in either the Celica GT Pikes Peak Toyota, or the classic Lancia Stratos. How cool would it be to spin up a trailblazer event across Cholla Springs, or a street shootout around West Elizabeth?

I don't know how to setup a suggestion board to get Rockstar and Codemasters talking, but I'm sure some of their GTA, RD stage coach racing, and off-road Rally skills could come together in a fantastic racing mash-up.
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