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is it possible to bring my xbox one world to other devices?

Homunculus Fury
Posted on 27 August 19 at 21:46
Is it possible to bring my Xbox one worlds to android or kindle etc etc?
Buttercup III
Buttercup III
Posted on 29 August 19 at 02:07
Is the world on this version of the game or the original (and tbh better) version of XB1 Minecraft?
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 29 August 19 at 03:30
It's on the better together version 2nd Xbox one edition but my worlds seem segregated between devices.
Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
Posted on 30 August 19 at 12:18
a 2017 video: how to upload your local Minecraft save to Realms
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