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Gear 4 Ranked Matches to End

Posted on 29 August 19 at 00:11
So I am a part of the "Gears 4 - Horde/Versus Weapon Skin Achievements" leaderboard so that I could get updates about the weapon skins for the achievements. Needless to say I forgot about and never removed myself from it after getting the achievements.

Slayer Reigning who had created the leaderboard and was kind enough to send PMs to everyone about the skins/events sent a PM today that was posted by TC on their website.

Slayer Reigning said:
The Coalition has had all their focus on launching Gears 5. Today they put out a What's Up discussing plans for the end of support on Gears 4.
With the dawning of new game comes the twilight of the one before it.

This moment is bitter-sweet for us at the studio. Gears 4 was our first true entry into the Gears saga and a huge learning experience for all of us. We’re incredibly proud of what Gears 4 achieved, and how our time together with the community over the past three years has shaped what Gears 5 has become. Thank you truly, deeply, for all your support since October 2016. It’s meant the world to us.

In terms of the future of Gears 4, here’s what to expect:

The current Ranked Season will continue through to January 2020. In January 2020, with the vast majority of the game’s population moving to Gears 5, we will be removing all aspects of Ranked play from Gears 4.

In its place will be a new series of playlists across Core and Competitive. These playlists will have relaxed latency and skill rating rules for matchmaking to make finding matches easier in a significantly reduced population. With Ranking removed, all quit penalties will be disabled.

Events will no longer occur in Gears of War 4, as our focus is on Gears 5 to our maximum capabilities.

In order to ensure the ‘Better Than Bacon’ and ‘I Like Em Crispy’ achievements remain unlockable without event support, the Midnight Omen and Flaming Weapon Skins will become craftable with our Playlist Update in January 2020.

As with past sunsetted Gears of War titles, we will be exploring the possibility of introducing a permanent XP boost across the game. At this point we are unable to promise this change, but it’s on our radar.

That’s all from us! When we’re back in our regularly scheduled Thursday What’s Up next week, Early Access will be starting to roll out around the world. SO CLOSE.

See you next week – in What’s Up and in Gears 5. GEARS 5!

So with that in mind and TC saying that they are removing Ranked from Gears 4 in January, does this mean certain achievements will become unobtainable? Like Chest Candy. Or do you think they will add the Escalation and Execution modes to the Competitive/Core side so that you can still earn Ribbons from those modes.

And if ranked is gone and they are removing quit penalties, it should making boosting the multiplayer easier, but do you think they would still ban people?

Homunculus Fury
Posted on 29 August 19 at 00:26
I was wondering about the 2v2 playlist myself
Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 29 August 19 at 00:27
I guess my other concern would be the ranked and filed achievement
Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
Ron Jeremy R6
Ron Jeremy R6
Posted on 29 August 19 at 04:51
But is it safe to say I can finally uninstall the game ?

No more challenges and events!!
Milky Way 005
Milky Way 005
Posted on 29 August 19 at 15:31, Edited on 29 August 19 at 15:32 by Milky Way 005
Since ranked matches are ending soon can we start boosting 2v2/escalation?
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 29 August 19 at 16:38
I would wait until they remove quit penalties
Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
Posted on 29 August 19 at 20:04
So this would also affect seriously 4.0 if they are making the achievements discontinued as there will be no more ranked play, trying to get some clarification (mainly for those who are bothered to try and get it/may start it after this) honestly would be nice if everything was stated in the blog post straight up instead of leaving it so vaguely worded.
KAW 24
KAW 24
Posted on 30 August 19 at 00:17
I see no reason why they can't change the requirements when they release the update, e.g. complete 5 matches in a Core and Competitive game type but I agree it would've been nice if they clarified this in the blog post since the ranks are currently tied to an achievement. Hopefully they've learned from Sybarite and won't simply discontinue it. They were at least thinking about the longer term with the weapon skin achievements, so there's a chance it's the same for ranks.
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 30 August 19 at 01:14
I asked TC octus on twitter waiting for a response
Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
Posted on 30 August 19 at 13:12
I am following this. this thread now. I plan on making sure I get a placement in each playlist in case someday I get Seriously 4.0. Very curious to see what we find out.
Posted on 30 August 19 at 23:02
The only ranked achievements I still need are the 2v2 ones. And if that mode just gets shifted over to non-ranked I can still boost it eventually and won't have to worry about getting banned.
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