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Question/obervation about the season pass vs the gold version of the game

Homunculus Fury
Posted on 30 August 19 at 23:30
So I was looking at the ACO season pass. Under "in this bundle" it shows everything but AC3 but reading the description it say ac3 and ac liberation will be included when they are released.

Under ACO gold edition it shows ac3 and only mentions ac3 being in the season pass.

So for anyone who bought just the season pass and do not own the base game is AC3 in the bundle?
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 31 August 19 at 01:26
Question answered.
Yes they are included on the season pass.
Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 31 August 19 at 17:01, Edited on 31 August 19 at 17:25 by Homunculus Fury
So after purchasing the season pass AC3 didn't download I had to go into the MS store to download it
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