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Posted on 02 September 19 at 20:28, Edited on 02 September 19 at 20:31 by HunterCH
I turned 35 in july and after 25 years of gaming, hundreds of games and countless hours of enjoyement, I reached a point where I stopped love playing my games. And why? Because of achievements. And my addiction. The last 14 years I spent with the hunt for this points, lost more and more the fun, just played the games for the achievements, ruined a lot of games by playing them with a guide for not missing a single chievo. Now, closing in to my 300k score I finally decided to try to get out of my addiction. After this goal, I will not longer hunt actively for achievements because I want to enjoy my games again. dance

But then, I realised, I met a lot of awesome, kind and helpful people during my journey. So many hours of stupid grind in games like Battlefront, Alien CM, Battlefield 3 and others, but they were fun because of you guys! This awesome community here on TA, helping each other, getting me my points I so badly wanted. Every single guide writer, every single solution writer and every single boosting partner I met, YOU GUYS ROCK! clap

THANK YOU FOR SO MANY NICE CHATS, KIND MESSAGES AND HELPFUL HINTS! smile I will check out the site in the future for news and stuff (or just check my stats going down while I stop completing games laugh) but my journey for gamerscore will stop. I will keep this page in good memory, you all here made it a fun journey even if I were more the silent reader here. Cheers guys! toast

If you like, comment your feeling about the achievements, would be nice to see, if some other people got this feeling about gaming. compute

PS: sorry for spelling mistakes, english is not my native language. wink
Posted on 05 September 19 at 15:02, Edited on 05 September 19 at 15:22 by Cenosis
Nothing wrong with wanting to play games the old-school way where you discover things on your own and find stuff by accident so I encourage you and anyone else to do so. One thing I'm not a very big fan of is collectibles in games, usually their only purpose is to get the achievement for getting all of them. I find most on my own but need a guide or walkthrough to get the rest. The word "fun" doesn't exactly come to mind when doing collectible runs in a game.

I don't play multiplayer (or not yet at least) so I can relate to purposely ignoring achievements but on the other hand that kind of makes me want to get all the single-player ones to compensate. I can relate to not 100%ing very many games as a result since most games have some form of multiplayer. I also ignore ones that look too boring, time consuming or difficult or that just happen to be too difficult for my capabilities.

Anyways thanks for sharing your post and I hope it encourages others as well and I hope you have more fun gaming the old-fashioned way without guides/walkthroughs, being a gamer is about having fun anyway!
Posted on 05 September 19 at 15:18
I've also ruined a few games by going for the completion but I've learned to let go bit more nowadays. It's all about being entertained. If I'm enjoying it, I'll carry on but if it's becoming frustrating, I'll happily chuck in the towel and move on to the next fun thing.

All the best in your gaming endeavours. toast
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