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    Posted on 03 September 19 at 16:02
    Please use this thread to discuss the Blair Witch walkthrough
  • Posted on 03 September 19 at 23:33
    Hey everyone, I'm gonna be working on this walkthrough for the next little while, it's my first one and I hope to have it done in a few weeks if not sooner.
  • Posted on 05 September 19 at 11:43
    Good man. We're all routing for you. I'm sure it will be great. Keep doing a bit a day so you don't sickened yourself off. We all want to see this guide. Thanks in advance.
    Daniel Jackson/ultramarine360
  • MrZombieChickenMrZombieChicken1,117,470
    Posted on 06 September 19 at 13:42
    Ultramarine360 said:
    We're all routing for you.
    I'm sure it's an unintentional typo, but so appropriate for this type of game. laugh
    This space for rent.
  • PoshVevoPoshVevo850,627
    Posted on 06 September 19 at 20:06
    I think you should slap a warning at the top of how buggy/unreliable this game really is
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,506,043
    Posted on 07 September 19 at 22:06
    I haven't encountered any bugs at all, just requirements that weren't being fulfilled.

    Which achievements were bugging on you?
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    Posted on 17 September 19 at 07:53
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Blair Witch Walkthrough
  • Posted on 20 September 19 at 18:40
    Dipped into this to keep my streak going. Thank you for this. Don't think there are any typos on here this time lol
    Daniel Jackson/ultramarine360
  • OrekulOrekul348,957
    Posted on 22 September 19 at 19:54
    Great walkthrough, easy to follow and well written.
    Helped me get the final few collectables and full 1000g.

  • Delta748Delta748635,265
    Posted on 25 September 19 at 14:56
    The TA score made this game look daunting, but this walkthrough was super easy to follow (aside from the areas in the game where everything looks the same). Thumbs up from me!
  • SiegfriedXSiegfriedX4,590,603
    Posted on 30 September 19 at 20:29
    Just completed this. Amazing walkthrough. This is not an easy game to give directions by any means, but you were so good at it that I never even had to look once at the video guide for the collectibles.

    Hope you make more guides in the future!
  • Paul LaserbeamPaul Laserbeam2,193,438
    Posted on 01 October 19 at 05:47
    Walkthrough was fine, would have been nice if I hadn't spent 10 minutes at the very beginning looking for someone's boot on the ground and around the sheriff's vehicle.

    To anyone that sees this before really getting into the walkthrough and game:

    Boot = Trunk
    Ute = Truck
    Bonnet = Hood
  • Posted on 03 October 19 at 18:01
    Good job on the walkthrough. I do have two suggestions for changes.

    1. The Xbox and PC versions of this game share the achievements. So this guide will be read by console and PC players alike. Also no doubling up on achievements for the same game on Xbox and PC like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for 2k in gamerscore.

    Maybe adding at the beginning of the walkthrough somewhere...
    "While this game is playable on Xbox and PC, and the achievements are shared between both versions, this guide is crafted around the Xbox controls. Sorry for the inconvenience PC gamers using keyboard and mouse. At the very least keep in mind that cn_B is right mouse click when you progress to the pacifist portion of this walkthrough. If you're on PC and using a Xbox controller, the controls are the same as console."

    2. The only place I could find through the entire walkthrough that PC might need a button instruction is at the wooden berserk doll portion of the pacifist run. Consider changing the "press cn_B to put the doll in your backpack" text to "press cn_B (PC - right mouse click) to put the doll in your backpack" as this is the only time a left rather than a right mouse click could ruin the whole run.
  • I Ebon Hawk II Ebon Hawk I2,064,589
    Posted on 30 November 19 at 04:00
    It might be worth mentioning in the walkthrough that achievements don't unlock when playing the PC version. I played on Xbox until Chapter 5 then I played the rest of the game on PC. I got no achievements while playing on PC. I found this out the hard way.
  • derektwopointohderektwopointoh1,164,297
    Posted on 03 December 19 at 21:52
    I don’t want to be culturally insensitive but would it be possible to add American translations for some of the terms in the WT? Like instead of saying boot you could say boot/trunk so that everyone understands the directions. I figured it out after a few minutes but I (like others) spent time looking for an actual boot and had no idea what a ute was. I understand that these are legitimate terms in some regions but for a lot of us they come off as words that have to be translated or decoded from context, rather unnecessarily.
  • Delta748Delta748635,265
    Posted on 20 December 19 at 04:32, Edited on 20 December 19 at 04:32 by Delta748
    I Ebon Hawk I said:
    It might be worth mentioning in the walkthrough that achievements don't unlock when playing the PC version. I played on Xbox until Chapter 5 then I played the rest of the game on PC. I got no achievements while playing on PC. I found this out the hard way.
    You have to right click the application and run as administrator. Pretty ridiculous workaround, I know.
  • MarsumestariMarsumestari782,294
    Posted on 16 May 20 at 17:00
    Nice walkthrough! Got all chievos just as you described. I would add one thing for Playthrough 2: Pacifist page at Chapter 8/9 to clarify things: After you get the tree outta way, it's safe to ride the cart the rest of ch. 8 and through ch. 9.

    Ps. as non-native english speaker it's fun to see disussion about hoods 'n boots etc, I have had to learn all of those from scratch to understand both dialects at all, so I had no problems with the language smile
  • Sir PaulygonSir Paulygon1,007,298
    Posted on 31 October 20 at 21:19
    In Chapter 4, if I alert an apparition, should I restart that checkpoint?

    Reason being is that I was able to get past that railcar and previously fallen tree -- that landed me into the 'safe zone,' which made the apparitions go away.

    I know for this Pacifist run you're not allowed to kill anything, but was wondering if alerting anyone would equate to being the same thing.

    Will probably start up a new game, regardless. Just to be on the safe side. Only losing out on about half an hour anyway.
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  • Posted on 02 December 20 at 18:55
    My game has been full of bugs and glitches so I’m not sure if the AI was supposed to act like this or just the game being screwy. In chapter 8 (no kill playthrough), I went to the maintenance shed without being detected but was caught leaving. Naturally I screamed and hauled out of there and managed to get back to the sawmill alive. I thought I was doing ok but as soon as I stepped away from the sawmill I would get attacked, it was like the enemies were alerted to me and would not go back to normal. There was no way I could make it to camp B alive.

    So in case this is how the AI is supposed to work I would go to camp B first and then do the maintenance shed, this way you can progress to the end of the chapter. Not a huge help but I wasted at least an hour trying to get to camp B was just killed again and again.
  • jj6yjj6y306,602
    Posted on 31 January 21 at 18:16
    In chapter 1 instead of bullet bringing garbage he brought a hat
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