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The Launch Trailer for WRC 8 is Here

  • C64 MatC64 Mat1,087,794
    Posted on 05 September 19 at 12:31
    WRC 7 was genuinely great. Only thing which needed improving was the co-driver, who sounded stunted and ridiculous. It still has some of the best track design I've ever seen in a racing game.

    Optimistic for this!
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  • Sky ManiacSky Maniac594,645
    Posted on 05 September 19 at 12:52
    I really enjoyed 6 when it was GWG, but I hope WRC8 is not as arcadey.

    The stages were just to flat, didn't feel like there were any bumps - all the surfaces felt the same grip wise.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 05 September 19 at 13:04
    Looks good. I keep meaning to pick up Dirt Rally 2.0 but maybe I'll try this instead.
  • Posted on 05 September 19 at 13:19
    Name of the song in the video please
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  • SchinderdivSchinderdiv535,572
    Posted on 05 September 19 at 18:13
    EightOneZero said:
    Looks good. I keep meaning to pick up Dirt Rally 2.0 but maybe I'll try this instead.
    DiRT Rally 2.0 has had some pretty decent discounts lately, and while I haven't tried a WRC game since 5, I'd still suggest picking up DR2.0 instead IF you loved DiRT Rally and at least liked DiRT 4. Rally 2.0 feels like both those games rolled together in one big comfortable blanket. I'm not too happy about the multiple season passes, but I'll buy 'em anyway because more DR is always good.

    Some of those comments above do make me want to try a newer WRC game though. Perhaps in due time.
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  • Bobs LogicBobs Logic130,992
    Posted on 05 September 19 at 18:26
    A good rally game not sold to me in chunks is all I long for, this might just be it.
  • Capt PoopeyCapt Poopey310,521
    Posted on 05 September 19 at 21:27
    Aren't all of those cars in V-Rally 4? Guess they've saved some money on licensing different vehicles?
    I can haz achievement?
  • CoastKeyCoastKey194,478
    Posted on 06 September 19 at 20:13, Edited on 06 September 19 at 22:41 by CoastKey
    It has good and bad sides. The 'roads' on some of the races are just as wide as your car and in nightraces with rain you cant see where the road is. I have 65 inch with HDR and Xbox X and I cant see road from rocks and stuff and its just no fun at all. With a bit wider roads it could have been good fun.

    In slow speed, like 15 miles the car behaves like its doing 50 miles and the car can actually jump and flip over in the air on a cone in this speed.......
    Wheel and controller was way off in setting for me.

    It has some good tracks where you really can make the car fly and if you like a pretty hard challenge you might enjoy most of the game.

    Well after a few more hours I find that the stupid narrow roads just ruins the game and I would not recommend this for anyone but very hardcore players. What a waste....
  • N30YRDN30YRD355,909
    Posted on 08 September 19 at 14:45
    Seems very good from the trailers... I may wait for the sales for this game

    Don't want to spend £50 and still have WRC 6 to start and finish
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