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Boosting Gaming Session for Killer Instinct

Information Posted on 05 September 19 at 15:19
Dablaxican711 has created a new gaming session for the game Killer Instinct.

Dablaxican711 said:
I will be taking over the session and will be taking new qualifying applicants

Normal Wednesday Session Group
Mic + English Required

NEW GOLD/KILLER APPLICATIONS OPEN. If you are either of these ranks, please specify in your application.

Session feedback will be considered for all new applicants.
If you have all three seasons of KI then that will also be beneficial so you have more characters to work on.

16-player party cap with priority given to new/gold players to assist score swapping.
You will be required to accept a friend request so I can easily add you to group message list.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks!

The primary purpose of this session is to trade ranked wins with other players to work towards the 20 required for each character as well as to work your way up to Killer rank. Unless you’re especially good at Killer Instinct, this is quite difficult to do otherwise.

Here’s an exhaustive rundown of how the session works:
Once everyone is on the Ranked League screen (Multiplayer >> Fight >> Ranked Leagues) I will countdown “3-2-1 Search”. When I say “Search” everyone should select “Search For Match”. Most of the time you will match up with someone in this group. If you matchup with a random player then do your best to win. If you matchup with someone in the group you will trade wins with the other players. Gold and Killer ranked fights are actually best out of three matches. One player will win the first match and the other player will win the final two matches, so even if you are the overall loser you still get one ranked win towards your character’s Battle-worn achievement. The player who wins two matches gets credit for the ranked win which allows them to move up in the ranks, but this is only relevant for Gold ranked players.

How do we decide who is going to win two matches? In theory, we want everyone in the session to be Killer rank because it allows us to match up with each other more frequently. However, if you’re in this session there’s a good chance you’re not good enough to rank up to Killer legitimately. So, the goal is to get players ranked up to Killer. Here are the scenarios:
1. Player 1 is Gold, Player 2 is Killer then Player 1 gets the two wins.
2. If both players are Gold then the player who is closest to Killer (your total points are shown in the middle of the Ranked League screen) gets two wins so they can get closer to Killer rank. If you are recently Gold ranked you may stay near the bottom for a few weeks. When I first joined as Gold there were a couple other Gold players ahead of me, so whenever they fought me I would lose and go down in the ranks while they went up in the ranks. Eventually they ranked up to Killer so I became the top Gold and then I was able to eventually rank up to Killer. The system works!
3. If both players are Killer then you alternate who wins two matches. If you have not previously fought as Killer ranked opponents then the most recent Killer player to the group only wins one match. Most of the time this will be because they were Gold previously and just recently ranked up to Killer. I keep a list of all the players in these sessions with their rank (Gold or Killer) and which one of us last won two matches (or if they have all achievements already) and I update it after every fight. Every Killer ranked player keeps their own list and everyone is usually on the same page.
4. If one of the players has all of the achievements in this session then they are likely in the session to work on some other random KI achievements (usually Fight Challenges). In that situation, they only get the one match win.

Speaking of challenges, while you are fighting you may want to work on the challenges for your characters since there are achievements tied to those. Here’s how you can see your characters’ challenges:
1. Start on the Multiplayer or Single Player screen.
2. Select “Fight Archive”
3. Select “Fight Challenges”
4. Select the character you want to investigate.

When you are on winning the match feel free to work on any of the challenges. I usually work on the special moves and try to end the match with an Ultra. If you are losing the match then the only challenge that you can realistically work on is Instinct Mode Activates. When the winning player is kicking your ass it is customary for them to pause for a few seconds to allow you to activate your instinct. Personally, I’ll wait a couple seconds and if the other player doesn’t activate then I’ll continue fighting. While you’re getting your ass kicked it’s hard to pay attention every time and if I’m checking email or something like that then I might miss my chance to activate instinct so no big deal. If you don’t know how to activate instinct or are unfamiliar with the controls in general then I advise running through the Basic Lessons on the Single Player Dojo Mode (#14 is Instinct Mode).

How do we determine if everyone is ready to search? When I have finished my three matches I will say that I am green. If you are still in the middle of a match say that you are “red”. If your match is just finishing and you’re in the middle of the last Ultra or if you’re on the fight summary page in the process of getting back to the Ranked League screen then say you are “yellow”. If anyone said “red” then I’ll tell the reds to let me know when they are green. Then I’ll make one last check to make sure everyone is green and then I’ll start the “3-2-1 Search” countdown.

If we have a new Qualifier (not Gold or Killer rank) in the group then the goal is for them to requalify as Gold rank. Before we all start searching the player will select “Requalify” (or it may say “Qualify”) on the Ranked League screen. Then when we all search the goal is for the qualifying player to match up with people in the session and for them to win. Qualifying matches are not best of three, they are single matches. So, the qualifier will need to win the only match. It takes 10 qualifying matches before the player is assigned a rank, and as the player is requalifying it will show their likely ranking. The best you can be ranked is Gold. If the qualifier gets a really bad run of luck and loses to a lot of randoms then they may be assigned a lower rank. If that happens then they can’t participate in the group because they will be ranked too low and it is unlikely that they’ll match up against other players in the group.

It is possible to see how many ranked wins you already have with a character. Here are the steps:
1. Start on the Multiplayer or Single Player screen.
2. Select “Fight Archive”
3. Select “Leaderboards”
4. Now click RB (right bumper) three times and it will scroll over to Jago Ranked League Wins. At the bottom of the screen it will show your total ranked wins for Jago. Keep clicking RB to see other characters.

Here are some websites with good information on Killer Instinct. I like the EventHubs page as a quick reference for the characters’ special moves. If you know of another website then let me know and I can add it to the list:
Killer Instinct Achievements
You can view the session details here:

Boosting Gaming Session for Killer Instinct
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