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Where's the best place to grind spells?

  • Posted on 06 September 19 at 22:53
    I was just seeing if anyone had any advice which level was the best to grind spells. The upgrade 10 powers is a terrible grind since it costs you 4 spells to play a level. 9/10 achievements are easy but this one makes me want to pull my hair out. I'm open to any advice🤔
  • BonkekookBonkekook1,915,297
    Posted on 09 September 19 at 04:56, Edited on 09 September 19 at 17:53 by Bonkekook
    I haven't found a great spot yet because I'm still looking for my last gold bar, but I've been experimenting with the system and I think the best way to grind out spells is to find a level that has a lot early on. If you die before you reach a checkpoint(from the beginning of the level), you keep all the spells you collected AND they respawn. If you get to a checkpoint everything seems to stay gone.

    Level 28 seems best. There's a 10-15 second stretch at the beginning with no spells, but there's 1 in the long tunnel, 2 while climbing up, if you take the tram and jump up, there are 4 along the top, then drop off the second platform up top and let yourself fall past the tram line. There are platforms down here with a spell and 1 more on your left, to the right of a checkpoint. Grab the spell, avoid the checkpoint and jump in the water behind you. If you fall in the water you die and respawn at the beginning of the level with all spells you collected still there and they respawn to be collected again. Its about a 40 second run for 8 spells. Not great but considering the length of the levels its the fastest I've found.

    You wouldn't happen to know what levels have shops, would you?

    I've found the shops on 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 25 27 29 and 30. But I still need 1 more gold bar to fully upgrade everything.

    Edit: This is really frustrating. I've gone through every level multiple times and still can't find it. I'm convinced it's either in level 26 or that one of the shops sells 2 of them, but I can't find it for the life of me.

    Edit2: I have now rubbed my butt on every wall and floor in all of the levels I didn't find a shop. My game is either glitched or I'm missing something really obvious.

    Edit3: It was something really obvious. Missed a shop on level 4.
  • Posted on 10 September 19 at 15:42
    Thanks for the info!! I was missing the store in level 4 too lol. The advice worked out well I grinded out the spells this morning 👍 cheers 🍻
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