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Ranking system broken - I seek a rank 2 or higher to help - Please :-)

  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,125,035
    Posted on 07 September 19 at 15:16, Edited on 07 September 19 at 15:17 by KanchanaburiPermalink
    I need a player who has rank 2 or higher to allow me a win. It is really easy to match up now that no one plays. (please ensure you haven't been reset as my friend has)

    I have tried ranking up dummies, my friend (who has the achievement and has been reset) tried ranking him up, as well, he tried using family accounts to rank each other up, and the online ranking system seems broken.

    It only seems to record one win per gamer, and then never adds more wins on the leaderboard, no matter how many times you do it, and from other players/dummies.

    So please, if you can help, I am willing to help you with something else. Look at all the games and see what I can help you with. Most of them are digital and i can download them again and help. (sorry if you choose a disc cause i sell those when i am done)
  • Posted on 20 December 19 at 13:31Permalink
    I had the same issue, created a few different dummy accounts and tried to rank up any of them, and only 1 win seems to count on the leaderboard and then it just doesn't do anything after that :S. I was hoping TA were going to do a 'Viral' event (I think that was the name of it) again this year because I remember this game being one of the games people were helping out on, but I haven't managed to find anyone rank 2 to help out at all :'(
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