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CF code: Options-->Gameplay-->Redeem Code--> 15gpr0sc03s

Twigleaf Twigs
Posted on 11 September 19 at 21:04
Not sure why they did not include this as activated in the Director's Cut of this game.

(After you start a game - zeros and a 3 )
Options-->Gameplay-->Redeem Code--> 15gpr0sc03s

I don't think there is an option at the main menu, however, once you get into a game, you can use the code, and it will give you a few items starting out. May have to reload/etc.

Nothing important, however, the Red Boots, might be the strongest boots in the game.

Unlocks a second relic, found on wall of Advent Guild.
Activates the chest in basement of Advent Guild. (random junk supplies)
Red Boots are found on corpse, in hanging cage near war troll in Sk. Br. Underground.

Way too many repetitive puzzles in this game, and not enough combat. Not even a Director's Cut, which is reworked makes up for how they went off the script of what the first 3 games did.
Yes, it can be fun... but you can really see how shallow this is, if you turn puzzles off. It's a walking simulator. You can spend 4 hours in a Dungeon, and it only have 4 fights while 97 lava puzzles.

Reason #278 why not to crowd-fund a game, as they seem dishonest now. As this was a Game Backer Code for " tiers " when people crowdfunded this game.... which ended up being a Universal Code. I think people who bought the day 1 Steam version got more than a $300 game backer did from what I read. Death to crowdfunding games.
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