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Wow - loading!

  • Posted on 13 September 19 at 11:19Permalink
    This game takes forever to boot up! Hope the loading in game isn’t as bad!!

    Also, did anyone else have problems not being able to see the logos no matter how much the ‘Black Level’ setting was adjusted?
  • Solo Wing 82Solo Wing 82941,102
    Posted on 13 September 19 at 12:05, Edited on 13 September 19 at 12:07 by Solo Wing 82Permalink
    If it boots up at all. Been trying many times to boot the game today. Im also having this problem with trials rising, I wanna play the new crash and sunburn dlc but haven't been able to yet cause it crashes back to dashboard alright. . my other games seem to work fine. 1 more thing is that somehow monster hunter was removed from my hdd. wtf is going on with my xbox
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  • CuthredCuthred580,412
    Posted on 14 September 19 at 06:03Permalink
    game won't start with me either ... what a joke
  • Posted on 14 September 19 at 08:05Permalink
    Yeah I had a period where I had to launch it 4-5 times, but once in it worked fine! Luckily after the huge amount of initial loading there isn’t too much more!

    Although the game did suffer several times freezing/glitching while playing in a party :(
  • Posted on 15 September 19 at 17:20Permalink
    The first time I loaded the game, it took forever. Claptrap just kept going across the black screen for about 10 minutes before it finally loaded. Thought the game broke/froze.

    The second time, it was a lot faster, Claptrap only went across twice before it loaded.

    Haven't loaded it a 3rd time yet.
  • Solo Wing 82Solo Wing 82941,102
    Posted on 10 October 19 at 13:19Permalink
    I was using a 8tb hdd which had about 1 tb left, and moved a load of games that I don't play to a 4 tb hdd, now the My Games section runs a lot smoother, and games I had problems with starting up seem to start up every time now. Games like trials rising, battlefield v, battlefront 2, could be somekind of caching or ram problem when a disk is filling up to much??
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  • NapalmNikoNapalmNiko443,004
    Posted on 12 October 19 at 00:02, Edited on 12 October 19 at 00:02 by NapalmNikoPermalink
    My game shuts the xbox one x down
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