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Money farm

Im One To Envy
Posted on 14 September 19 at 20:30
Need a partner for money farm to buy SDUs
ICE Faux Pirate
Posted on 15 September 19 at 09:46
I'm down. I'm on pretty much every night right now after 8pm CST. Just hopping off for the night so shoot me a message tomorrow if you're on.
Doc, Doc, noose
Posted on 17 September 19 at 01:16, Edited on 18 September 19 at 02:11 by Casyle
Ditto, if anyone's lookin' fer another person I'd love to do that 'gin. You can get an insane amount of money quickly, it's nuts. Though not as nuts as how expensive the SDU's are gettin'!

My GT is Casyle, I'm usually on from 9am to 1pm, then 6pm to 1am'ish mountain time.

*ADDED* My God, I'm a twit. Just in case you happen by again, if whoever contacted me last night 'bout money farming sees this, please message my dumb-ass again. I absentmindedly cleared my chat history with everyone, and my swiss-cheese brain can't 'member your gamertag.
Posted on 18 September 19 at 09:39
If you have the money grenade and need a partner I will happily help because I‘m level 20 and really struggling for money since I only have around 30,000. Usually between 18-22 pm UTC.
Brock 5amson
Brock 5amson
Posted on 18 September 19 at 16:26
If you have that vault weapon and have enough eridum laying around you can easily make a few million just knocking toys out. Beats grinding some spots when you have an excessive amount of eridy.
Posted on 21 September 19 at 10:52
Anyone on xbox who got this grenade mode from the deluxe edition? Would be nice if someone could duplicate this grenade for me.
Send me a Message: xPG94
Posted on 21 September 19 at 20:20
Can you still duplicate? I have a couple of this grenade one is a homing and the other is a longbow I think. It helps quite a bit during boss fights where grenades seemingly spawn infinitely during the fight
Posted on 21 September 19 at 20:57
Yes you can still dupe while trading and you can dupe money while trading. Do a trade and follow this step by step. Person B is host.
Person A: give all items and money to dupe to person B.
Person B: make sure you don't hit accept.
Person A: press accept and press Xbox button and go to the option to force quit the game but do not do it until person B says to.
Person B: hit accept and count down out loud to person A.
Person A: when person B says 3, 2, 1 you quit out.
Person B: stays and gets the money and items.
Person A: rejoins and takes all money from person B through a normal trade then repeats a dupe trade.
I wrote here once on accident and this is what I wrote to never see the original post again.
Posted on 25 September 19 at 01:46
You know there’s a money grenade that can get you a lot of money fast I can get 10 million and about 5 mins with it$$$$$$
Posted on 02 October 19 at 22:21
If anyone happens to have a Money Grenade that they can dupe, I would greatly appreciate one to help me get my characters up and running! GT: CGPsaint
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