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Am I the only one still getting disconnected from horde?

Crisantemo Emo
Posted on 14 September 19 at 22:41
i get booted completely offline during horde until my router gets back on after a few seconds.
I played horde all day and wasn't able to complete a full run once
what's causing this?
The Allslayer
The Allslayer
Posted on 14 September 19 at 22:57
Nope still don't have the achievement for a full run, get dc'd everytime.
Posted on 14 September 19 at 23:05
Heck I got kicked out as the host just loading the match.
Posted on 15 September 19 at 05:59
I must be lucky, I have completed eight 1-50 runs and never been kicked. When you say router, what do you mean? Is it going off and on ? That sounds like internet/router issues on your end buddy.
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Crisantemo Emo
Posted on 15 September 19 at 13:20
well it's been happening during horde only, so not sure what it is
Posted on 15 September 19 at 16:03
I keep getting kicked from matchmaking when trying to play escape and it says "lost connection to Gears of War online service" (or words to that effect.) But I can play Apex and Fortnite with no issues.
Posted on 15 September 19 at 16:53
I've gotten kicked from Horde and Versus numerous times so far. It's happening less and less, but it still happens.
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