Game Discussion: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mad Hatter glitched

  • Posted on 15 September 19 at 19:18Permalink
    I have all the hats from the base game and DLC but the achievement tracker is glitched at 12/13. Anyone have this issue and find a way to get it to trigger? Or am I stuck waiting for the devs to patch it?
  • Posted on 19 September 19 at 13:30Permalink
    Turns out I had missed a hat (there are 5 in the DLC and not 4 like most lists online say). The achievement still delayed popping though by a few hours though after getting the final hat.
  • Posted on 05 October 19 at 09:35Permalink
    Can you remember where the 5th hat is? I can only find lists that say 4 hats are needed.
    Shut your crap, York.
  • Posted on 16 October 19 at 01:58Permalink
    Check out my solution to the achievement. It has all five hats for the DLC so you can figure out which one you are missing.
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