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Posted on 02 June 11 at 20:58
Looking to boost so hit me with a friend request over live.
Posted on 04 June 11 at 07:43
You are probably better off setting up a gaming session to find a partner, more people tend to look at that than the threads here. smile
Br0ken Ghost
Br0ken Ghost
Posted on 12 June 11 at 07:37
Which achievements are you looking for?
Posted on 18 August 11 at 02:46
If anyone wants to boost any of the online achievements send me a message

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 27 August 11 at 02:30
hit me up... ive got this game sitting in a drawer and never touched it.. so looking to boost all acheevs i can before oct 25th..
GamerJack 117
235,920 235,920 GamerScore
GamerJack 117
Posted on 28 October 11 at 18:23
i need the 2v2 achievement so send me a message if you need another person for tht
Conman Reborn
Posted on 25 November 11 at 14:30
I'm up for completing the online cheevs for this game, add me or msg me on xbl and I'll look to it we both get em' =D
Herr EIff3L
Herr EIff3L
Posted on 10 January 13 at 02:53
There is a boosting session on the 01/14/2013... if anyone interested by the 2vs2... just join

*Session Deleted*
Look who's coming on your blind side...
Posted on 13 January 16 at 19:29
I know his thread is a bit ancient but Id love to finish this game off. I basically need all the multiplayer achievements (which I realise can't be gotten in one session but a few is better than none) hope to hear from anybody interested
Posted on 08 December 16 at 03:50
looking for a double boxer for the 2v2 achievement
Cheers 'n' Beers
Posted on 23 October 17 at 16:50
Looking for a double boxer to to the 2v2. Will take less than 5 min. Message me here or on live
Obtained the shadows rushed me.
Hexa Fox
Hexa Fox
Posted on 16 November 17 at 07:59
NightFindsYou said:
Looking for a double boxer to to the 2v2. Will take less than 5 min. Message me here or on live
I might be interested in this. I have not looked into the game yet though. I will also have to locate a card or something to renew my second Xbox 360.
The Fox Rocks!
Posted on 25 February 18 at 07:35
Hey all, looking to find a regular boosting buddy to do this with.
Posted on 29 March 18 at 15:08
Looking for 1 player for the 2v2 achievement, will take 5mins message me
Posted on 08 April 18 at 00:24
Is anyone looking to boost this game?
Posted on 16 April 18 at 08:06
still looking for 1 player for the 2v2, message me please
Posted on 29 April 18 at 07:17
I'm looking to start a 2v2 boosting party. If anyone is interested please message me. I'm also looking to boost for all the 1v1 achievements.
Posted on 07 December 18 at 06:39
Is anyone trying to boost Longbeard?
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