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New streamer, come support! I need some help!

Posted on 18 September 19 at 12:16
Hey everybody, I'm starting to stream some MH:W and I'd love if a few people come to support me! I really enjoy streaming & playing the game so if you could just maybe pop in and say "hi" and/or drop a follow! I don't need donations or anything, it'd just be nice to play and chat with a few people. I'd also love to have help when it comes to stream performance and whatnot. I also play a few other games, and I have a few steam games as well and I can stream those as well. Thank you and have a good day!

MY twitch name is "LitStuffMyG" and my XBOX Gamertag.

Here's a link as well

(PS) Feel free to add me on steam and send me a message and whatever you would like. I'm very friendly!

~Thank you
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